Anybody who finds themselves in immediate danger should always call 999 and ask for the Police:
  • Silent Solution: Silent calls to the police will work if you are not safe to speak – use the Silent Solution system and call 999  and then press 55 when prompted.
  • Emergency Text Service: If you can’t use a voice phone, you can register with the police text service  - text REGISTER to 999. You will get a text which tells you what to do next. Do this when it is safe so you can text when you are in danger. Click here to find out more.
  • Ask for ANI: If you are experiencing domestic abuse and need immediate help, ask for ‘ANI’ in a participating pharmacy. ‘ANI’ stands for Action Needed Immediately but also phonetically sounds like the name Annie. If a pharmacy has the ‘Ask for ANI’ logo on display, it means they’re ready to help.  They will offer you a private space, provide a phone and ask if you need support from the police or other domestic abuse support services.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened